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Brunch w/ the rents  (at Relish)
#WCW My Bestest Friend In The Whole Bestest World… Imy bookie @max_empresss
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Thanks @lezgfx215 for the #PrettyFace challenge nomination… I nominate my Youngs @madame_kboop @shawangg @cashdaddy_ @screwwatuthink


@aaroncamper New Trap Swing! Music + Education = Life ‘||’emple ‘15
SUPER SENIOR… Let the games begin. Last year of undergrad. ‘||’emple 🎓🎒📚
Got my locs…
Look who I ran into… Bilal 😄😂 #Quillum @a_rj_ #GoodMorning
my heart 😍 @jayeawesome

ily Jon  @drjw3
You’re like a flower. To bloom and become beautiful, you need both sunshine and rain.
The happy times, the sunshine, will enable you to show your beauty. 

The hard times, the rain, however, will provide you with everything you need to grow and bloom, to become more than a simple daisy.

- Me
To speak when words are needed, and to share the silence when they’re not.
I’m so obsessed with my god kids. Happy birthday Aaden Masson 👪👶 and Congrats Jayla-Nyelle on graduating from Pre-school. 🎓🎒 I’m such a proud godmom. Thank you Lord for these blessings!  😄😇