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Senior Year. ‘||’emple ‘15 
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FIGHT THE POWER!✊ #AngelaDavis #wannabe #BlackPanthers Rockin a AFRO in 2014. Yep! 😄 #AuNaturale
THIS SATURDAY 10/4 SEW-IN INSTALLMENTS $90 for basic sew-ins only!!!! 2618 N. 22nd st Buzy Handz Unisex Salon open from 9am-7pm. CALL 215-882-3012 or personally 215-791-3131 to book your appointment #isaiahj. @ijsthekendoll  (at buzyhanz unisex SALON)
(Quote) Midnight Run (Unquote)
😩😂😂 S/O to #TempleLaw
Brunch w/ the rents  (at Relish)
#WCW My Bestest Friend In The Whole Bestest World… Imy bookie @max_empresss
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Thanks @lezgfx215 for the #PrettyFace challenge nomination… I nominate my Youngs @madame_kboop @shawangg @cashdaddy_ @screwwatuthink


@aaroncamper New Trap Swing! Music + Education = Life ‘||’emple ‘15
SUPER SENIOR… Let the games begin. Last year of undergrad. ‘||’emple 🎓🎒📚
Got my locs…